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this is a topic from the old boards, but i really wanted 2 state a couple of people i think poe would mesh well w/.  & it's also serves as a forum where people get 2 c what we're listenin 2 & in2 while we wait 4 poe's return.


i've been listenin 2 lots of new music 2 me.

bat 4 lashes & beats antique

both would b crazy 2 hear poe do something w/

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I'd love to hear her do something with Bird York or Nichole Alden 
I nominate Amanda Somerville and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Trent Reznor... enought said.

Frak! I wanted to be first to say that. Yea Trent as a matter of fact she could do a duet with Mariqueen in HTDA that would be fucking sexxy singer overload. Maybe Tori Amos too. But definatly Trent. 

Tori would also be awesome....

trent reznor would B amazN


a brit: lily allen. they both seem 2 have similar visions when it comes 2 music, although lily allen's a bit more poppish, but the lyrics & vibes of the songs R similar.


& mike skinner of the streets cred. just cause i dig everything he does

This post caught my eye because I was just thinking how would Poe and Shirley Manson of Garbage go together? Two hot vixens w/ plenty of talent between them?  


Or, do we want to mix it up a bit? Poe and Trent was a great suggestion or Poe and Corey Glover of Living Colour?

Does anyone know where I can get an acapella version of the song "Hello"?


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